Sunday, 30 January 2011

Its been a while............

This is yet another attempt to get some work up on the blog, with access to the internet being what it is over here it isn't easy to keep it updated.
Well it's looking less and less likely that I will be able to do my Jute project wilst I'm here (on this occasion anyway). The timeframe is making it near impossible to get a solid body of work done, with classes at Pathshala everyday from 9.30am until late in the evening there is very little breathing space for a documentary project which leaves me few options as to which direction to take my work, but over the last week or so I have been seriously considering my ability to be a documentary photographer, my style, interests and mindset don't seem to fit in this catagory...... one of the main reasons I chose to study documentary photography and Photojournalism and not take the place offered to me on Newport's straight documentary photograpy course.

At the moment I am trying to cover the culture of Dhaka and it' people as this is mostly, if not all, I have seen of Bangladesh but several questions have presented themselves, questions like, is this becoming just another travel documentary?  Does it need to be anything more than this? If it is just a document of my view of Dhaka then is this work something anybody would be interested in seeing outside of university?

It would be all too easy to show the poverty on the streets, the pollution in the air but this is such a small part of a huge, energetic, friendly, lively and colourful culture and completely sits in the cliche western perception of places like this.
I admit that when I arrived, for the first few days I saw alot of potential for this as a project but I later came to realise that this was all just a culture shock, seeing these kinds of things all around you for the first time instantly made me think 'wow, poverty, famine, homelessness, children begging on the streets.... this'll be a great project." but it would have been such a blinkered view of the way of life here in Dhaka city, of course it would be foolish to ignore it but to focus on it would just be wrong.
I guess I have to accept the fact that it isn't possible for me to produce a substancial body of work in under two weeks with daily classes and that I just have to produce the best I can with the cards that have been dealt, there is always a possibilty to continue the work at a later date but I want to be careful not to start lots of little projects that lead nowhere and take away what time I have.

So now my rant is over hopefully I can upload some images and continue to procrastinate about who I want to became as a photographer......................


  1. wow it looks like youre having a ball :D
    I would say go find me more colours and get right up in the people's faces and lives! flash is our friend :]]

    well done so far, miss yoo duuuude
    don't catch anything! xxxxxx.

  2. Andy,

    Firstly do not doubt yourself as a documentary photographer. This is your first of many assignments I'm sure. It is always tough to go to a new strange culture and you become visually overloaded and don't know which way to point the camera first. Don't worry if there is no time to do your project, you are experiencing life within another university, it must be different, are you documenting it?

    Some of the images above I really like. Great shadow... how about another without the drain cover with some actual feet in one of top corners, walking in or out of frame? or an actual bike wheel?

    Love the lone boat man, nice position in the frame.

    Henna'd hands beautiful.

    Lovely light on back

    Beautiful portrait of boat man and great positioning in the frame.

    The markets, I would isolate a little more as there is alot going on.

    Go and shoot more portraits...kind of Steve McCurry...make use of the lovely colours.

    1st pic great framing lovely colours.

    Don't fret Andy, you are doing great, and don't doubt yourself, we are all routing for you and just a little advise I was given when I first decided photography was for me...

    'Expect nothing, but be ready for anything...'

    Go well,

    Alex ...btw got a tenner for your kitty

  3. Thanks for the comments guys, I am dedicating a day or more for portraits. Its difficult to travel round with a selection of lenses so a plan of action for each day is essential. I will put more a soon but just small selections to keep you all interested x

  4. it seems like an eclectic mix of images at the moment.

    i suggest photographing something small, and get a big body of work on that. you won't end up wasting time walking around trying to find places. maybe one family, or one specific area or something? I don't really know anything about Bangladesh personally, but as you said you're strapped for time i doubt you'll be able to capture the whole essence of Bangladesh.

    Be more focused. Choose something and do that. Go in at the deep end, just talk to people. Ask them questions and show an interest, you may end up finding something worth shooting.

    Or just document your stay, photograph everyone you meet with. Like a travelogue.